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West Virginia is known to experience heavy rainfall and severe winds. This puts extra stress on West Virginia homeowners because they have to worry about their vehicles and other valuable belongings. You would be surprised at what only a minimal amount of West Virginia rainfall and wind could do to your vehicles and belongings. Luckily, our West Virginia steel buildings are a phenomenal solution!

Instead of putting their valuable possessions at risk of being destroyed by West Virginia’s unpredictable harsh weather, many West Virginia homeowners choose to purchase one of our renowned carports or other metal building options. Our WV metal buildings, specifically our carports, have been recognized as some of the most renowned buildings in the state! This is largely due to our versatile building options that remain secured, even in the roughest West Virginia weather.

Who said carports in WV should only have one purpose? Instead of limiting yourself to use your West Virginia carport, storage shed, garage, barn, or other WV steel building only for its original intended purpose, use it for multiple functions. For example, a great way to use a utility carport in West Virginia is to store your vehicles in the carport section and your pool, sport, gardening, or other equipment and belongings in the storage area. If you really wanted to use your steel building as a functional space, you could use it as an office, gym, or even a guest house. The options are truly endless with our metal barns and WV rent to own buildings!

Since we value versatility, we offer an array of customization options that you can take to your advantage. We offer two types of galvanized steel framing: 12 gauge and 14 gauge. 12 gauge galvanized steel is a thick framing option with super strength and a long lifetime. These qualities make 12 gauge galvanized steel the perfect framing option for oversized metal buildings with an indented multi-functional use. As for 14 gauge galvanized steel, it is a great metal framing option for West Virginia homeowners who want a more affordable option for their average sized metal building, but still want all of the benefits of steel framing. Some of these benefits include; extended lifetime, attractive appearance, durability, resilience, and low maintenance. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of which gauge of steel framing you should use because our highly educated and experienced customer service representatives can answer any of your questions or concerns.

Aside from steel gauge framing, you will also have the opportunity to choose things such as; roof style, color, trim, overall design, size, and whether or not you want to add any additional elements. This means you won’t be able to find a steel building as unique as your steel building in WV or any other state for that matter.

So, stop worrying about whether or not your vehicles and valuable belongings will be able to withstand West Virginia weather from their exposed places on your driveway, and give us a call. Our customer service representatives are ready to accommodate you until you purchase the WV steel building of your dreams!

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