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Nothing comes close to the feelings of freedom and adventure as you travel in your recreational vehicle with friends and family. But, what happens when your RV trip is over? Do you let your vehicle sit in an otherwise vacant lot, or do you try to squeeze it on the side of your street or on your driveway? Neither of those situations are beneficial for your RV. In fact, they pose a risk of harming your RV. So instead of leaving it exposed to external factors, such as inclement weather and burglars, opt for an affordable and efficient way to store your recreational vehicle.

With one of our customizable RV Metal Carports, your RV will be protected from any external factors that we discussed above. You could even store another vehicle or array of outdoor belongings under your RV metal building. If you have additional belongings you want to store in a more secluded space, you could always attach one of our metal storage units to your RV cover. Other than storing vehicles and belongings, your RV carport can be used as a functional space to exercise and host gatherings.

Our RV carports are completely customizable. This means you have complete say in every technical and creative aspect of your metal RV carport. The first things you will choose are the foundational aspects, such as whether it’s built with 12 gauge or 14 gauge galvanized steel and the style of the roof frame. In addition to the foundational aspects, you make the final decision when it comes to the various design elements. In other words, you will choose what color your RV steel carport is, as well as any extra design add-ons, such as windows. This allows you to customize your cover so it matches the style of your home and your personal design aesthetic. 

Traveling in an RV is truly a unique and exciting experience. Your travel and experience opportunities are endless because you have the world at your fingertips. Taking care of your RV while you’re on the road is hard enough. The last thing you want to do is worry about keeping your RV in good condition after your trip is over. That’s why purchasing a customized RV cover is an efficient and affordable alternative. With a metal carport from Carport Factory Direct, you won’t have to worry about any external factors negatively impacting your RV. Instead, simply park your car in your RV metal cover and start preparing for your next road trip adventure.

We offer RV carports in NC as well as several other states in the Southeast U.S. Contact us today for a free quote! 

  • 12 gauge 2.25″ or 14 gauge 2.5″ galvanized steel tubing
  • Regular, A-Frame or Vertical roof styles (buildings over 31′ long must be vertical)
  • Walk-in or roll-up doors
  • Windows
  • Galvanized screws come standard; colored screws available for a small fee
  • Truss system (required for buildings over 24′ high)
  • Enclosed sides
  • Gable ends
  • Certification (required for permits and recommended for structures over 10 feet high

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