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Like many states, Kentucky’s weather can be unpredictable. In other words, temperatures in Kentucky tend to fluctuate at only a moment’s notice. Even general and severe weather conditions have the potential to change suddenly. This means that your vehicles and valuable items have a higher risk of being damaged by tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and other sever weather conditions. In addition to severe weather conditions, other potentially harmful external factors, such as animals, could damage your vehicles and belongings.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about these risks forever. Instead, you could opt for an affordable and stylish way to protect your valuable possessions. At Carport Factory Direct, we offer an array of KY steel buildings that will protect your belongings from unpredictable Kentucky weather. In addition to protecting your belongings, your Kentucky metal carport could act as a functional space. This means that you could use your steel building to do anything you want, from exercising and relaxing, to working and housing guests, the opportunities are truly endless.

One of the things that we value the most is versatility. At Carport Factory Direct, we believe that everyone should be able to have a unique Kentucky steel building to do whatever they want to do. In other words, we allow our customers to customize virtually everything about their steel buildings. In turn, this means that our customers can use their personalized steel building for anything, regardless if it’s big or small. Our customization process starts with steel tubing. We offer 12 gauge and 14 gauge galvanized steel tubing to meet everyone’s budgets and needs. 12 gauge steel framing is the thicker and more durable option. That being said, 12 gauge steel is the better framing option for people with larger sized steel buildings. As for 14 gauge steel framing, it is a slimmer material that has enough durability and resilience to make it the industry standard. Therefore, 14 gauge steel is an economically smart framing option that is better suited for average sized steel buildings and metal garages KY.

Aside from which steel gauge to choose, you will have the opportunity to make an array of decisions, such as how big your steel building is and what roof style is used. We offer regular, a-frame, and vertical roof styles, as well as over 15 bold colors, to make sure that your steel building is unique. In addition to our basic customizations, you can go a step further and utilize additional elements, such as windows, doors, panels, and insulation. While these customization options can be used for any of our KY steel buildings, they are great options for people who plan on using their metal building as a functional space.

No one should have to deal with the uncertainty and stress that comes with keeping your vehicles and belongings outside in your backyard or driveway. Instead of living in a constant state of agony, consider purchasing one of our metal buildings. Our top quality materials, advanced technology, and refined technique have enabled us to become one of the top metal building contractors in Kentucky. So, give us a call today!

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