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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

1. How do I understand dimension information?

Every dimension is defined as Width x Length x Height. For reference, our average carport is 12 x 21 x 5. More dimension information is given once you consult with one of our representatives.

2. How do I figure out what size structure is right for me?

In order to figure out what size structure you can fit in your space, you need to measure width, length, and height. Discover the width of your space by measuring how wide your space is. Then, discover length by measuring how long your space is. Lastly, find the height of your space by measuring the closest minimum point from the sides.

It’s important to note that you should account for what you plan on storing inside your prefab steel building. Ultimately, your building should be larger than whatever you store in it. So, make sure you have enough room to accommodate what you plan on putting inside.

3. What should I know about extra braces?

Extra braces are typically 4 feet or taller and are required on larger structures that are somewhat exposed, such as metal carports and RV metal covers. We use extra braces to ensure your structure remains as safe and secure as possible.

4. When is a building permit required?

Every town has different building requirements and regulations. That being said, you should contact your local town hall or government to learn more about building regulations in your area. While some locations might not require building permits, we recommend you get one for buildings over 10 feet tall. This will ensure a longer lifetime for your building.

5. What is the largest steel building I can purchase?

Currently, we can build prefab steel buildings over 31’ long and over 24’ high. For more information about how you can purchase a larger customized metal building, such as a commercial steel building, reach out to one of our representatives.

6. How much are your metal carports for sale?

Our carports prices differ among sizes, customizations, and where the steel carports are going to be placed. Since our prices differ among customers, make sure to consult one of our representatives for your custom quote.

7. Are prebuilt metal buildings cheaper than custom metal buildings?

Typically, non-customized prefab steel buildings are cheaper than customized buildings because non-customized pre engineered metal buildings use general materials, sizes, and styles. But, there’s always the chance that your customized steel building could be cheaper than a prebuilt building if you want a smaller, more minimalistic structure. For more information about prebuilt vs. customized building prices, give us a call!

8. Do you offer any warranties on your metal carports & steel storage buildings?

Yes! We offer warranties on wind speeds of 120 MPH and snow loads of 20 PSF on all of our certified buildings. We also offer a general limited warranty on buildings that are not certified, so you can rest assured that your purchase will be protected when it comes to materials and workmanship. For specific details on the warranties we offer, please contact one of our representatives.

9. How do I choose between 12 gauge and 14 gauge galvanized steel?

12 gauge is a more resilient and durable material than 14 gauge. Typically, 12 gauge is used for larger custom steel buildings in areas that experience inclement weather, especially heavy snow. On the other hand, most people use 14 gauge because it is the most popular and most affordable option.

10. Why is it important for my prefab steel building to be certified?

Like building permits, different areas have different requirements for certified metal buildings. You should purchase a certified building regardless of whether or not you are required to because it guarantees that your building will be made with phenomenal materials. This will ensure your building remains resilient and durable for a long time. In addition to overall safety and lifetime, your certified metal building will have additional warranties that other buildings don’t.

11. Why are side panels important for metal carports and metal garages?

Side panels are important to ensure structural support and protection from environmental factors. With at least one side panel, your metal carport will have extra support. In addition to added strength, your belongings will be better protected from environmental factors, such as rain and sun. 

12. Is there anything different I need to do if I plan to use my metal building for business?

The only differences, other than size and design elements, between business buildings and personal buildings are required permits and documents. That being said, make sure to contact your local government to learn more about requirements and regulations for commercial steel buildings in your area.

Ordering Information

1. Why should I buy metal carports from Carport Factory Direct?

Carport Factory Direct is dedicated to providing a unique and personalized experience for each and every one of our customers. Our employees are trained to provide all of our customers with a personal experience that is tailored to their budgets and needs. That means you have the opportunity to create a metal carport or steel building that truly represents your needs and personality instead of a general model building that most people have.

In addition to experiencing Carport Factory Direct’s personalized design, your building will be made with top-quality materials that come from various areas in the U.S. While we use some materials that are nationally known, we also use reputable local materials. Therefore, we are dedicated to supporting and contributing to local businesses.

2. Are carport prices inclusive?

Any of our prebuilt building prices are inclusive. That means the price reflects how much the building costs, as well as how much it costs to install the building. As for custom built steel buildings, you will have to consult with one of our representatives for an estimated and final inclusive price.

3. Is there an additional cost for color customization?

No! Our color customization is completely free. So, don’t be afraid to choose one of our many colors to make your building stand out. It should be noted that while color customization is free, different seals and textures have additional associated costs.

4. How long does it take for orders to process?

Typically, orders are completed and processed within one business day. Once you have an idea of what building you want, contact one of our representatives to place your order.

5. What should I do if I need to make a change to my order?

If you need to make a change to your order, simply contact one of our customer service representatives as soon as possible. Our ability to accommodate your intended change is ultimately dependent upon the manufacturer. Depending on your intended adjustment, you might have to pay an additional fee. 

6. How long does delivery & carport installation take?

Delivery usually takes less than 90 days. Of course, this average timeframe can change due to various factors, such as inclement weather as well as the size and specifications of your building. Once your order is complete, a representative will reach out to you to schedule a specific carport installation date.

7. Do you offer discounts for businesses that purchase more than one prefab steel building?

Currently, we do not offer any carport price discounts for businesses that purchase more than one building. However, we may have certain sales and specials going on, so feel free to contact us and ask about those!

Rent to Own Program

1. What is Rent to Own?

Our carports rent to own program is the perfect option for people who want one of our structures, but don’t want to initially shell out a ton of money for it. During our metal buildings rent to own program, you would commit to a payment arrangement that lasts either 36 or 48 months. Over the course of the committed time, you would pay a monthly fee for your building. But after the allotted time, you will own your building.

2. Can I rent to own any of your buildings?

Our rent to own metal building program is available for most of our metal buildings. If you have any questions or concerns about renting-to-own one of our buildings, contact one of our representatives.

3. Are there any location restrictions to your Rent-to-Own program?
4. Will you check my credit?

Unlike most payment arrangements, our rent to own storage buildings NC program does not require a credit check!

5. What are the benefits of your rent to own carports program?

With our rent to own carport program, you don’t have to worry about any harsh inquiries on your credit. Also, the contract is straightforward and easy to follow. Therefore, our rent to own buildings NC program is an efficient and feasible way to purchase one of our phenomenal metal buildings.

6. What is the application process?

Applying to our rent to own metal buildings program is extremely easy and straightforward. Once you fill out an application, you will receive a decision within the same day. For more information about how you can apply for our rent to own sheds program, contact one of our representatives.

7. Can I pay my bill early?

Yes! That’s one of the main benefits of our rent to own storage buildings NC program. You can pay off your overall bill whenever you want for no additional fee, regardless of how many months you have left in your contract. 

All About Financing

1. What is your carport financing program?

Aside from our rent to own carports program, we also offer financing. Our Financing program has a traditional setup. Basically, you have the opportunity to receive financing between $5,000 and $15,000 if you meet certain qualifications. Depending on your credit score, you might be able to skip an initial down payment. Typical payment contracts last between 24 and 60 months, and can have an interest rate of up to 24%. 

2. Can I finance any of your prefab steel buildings?

Yes! All of our metal buildings can be financed.

3. Are there any location restrictions to your Financing program?

Currently, we only offer our Financing program in the following states:

4. Will you check my credit?

Yes. In order to qualify for our carport financing program, you need to pass our credit check with a good credit score.

5. What are the benefits of carport financing?

Carport financing is a great program for people who want a flexible contract with affordable monthly payments. 

6. What is the application process?

The application process for our carport financing program is extremely easy. All you have to do is fill out a quick form and you will hear the results the same day. For more information about how you can apply to our financing program, contact one of our representatives today!

7. Can I pay my bill early?

Yes! You can pay your overall bill off, with no additional fees, whenever you want during your allotted time.

Installation Process

1. How should I prepare for installation?

In order to prepare your site for installation, make sure that there is no vegetation in the direct area. You should also make sure the surrounding landscape is trimmed and in good condition. The next steps you have to take will be dependent on what kind of base you want your building to have. For more information on how you should prepare your site for installation, contact one of our representatives today!

2. Can I change anything about my building after installation?

While it is usually cost-effective to add extra elements to your building in the initial installation, you can always change anything about your building afterwards. Once you decide you want to change something, reach out to one of our representatives to discuss specifics, such as additional service charges. 

3. Can you install custom windows or doors that I supply?

Unfortunately, we do not install any custom windows or doors that our customers supply. While we don’t install any external custom elements, we will create a frame for those custom additions. This will make it easier for you to install your custom windows and doors. 

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