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carport Installation Guide

Everything About Installation

Installing your metal building is a relatively easy and quick process. After consulting with one of our customer service representatives on the specifics of your structure, we will help you place your order. Once your order is placed and complete, we will schedule a delivery and installation date. Prior to that date, you will need to properly prepare your site. If your site isn’t properly prepared, we will not be able to install your building on the designated date, which would result in a reschedule and possibly even additional fees. 

Before doing anything else, you need to make sure your site is leveled. While leveling your site isn’t absolutely required, we recommend you level it anyway. This will make installation easier, cheaper, and more efficient. After leveling your site, make sure to clear the area of any extra vegetation. In order to do this, make sure that there is no vegetation in the exact spot where your metal building is going to be installed. After clearing the specific spot, work on the area around the direct site. It’s important to make sure that the surrounding area is as clean as possible. This means that there shouldn’t be any debris, excess vegetation, or anything else around your installation site. If you have any questions about how you can effectively prepare your site for installation, feel free to contact us.

metal building erection

After cleaning your site, start working on preparing the structural elements. In other words, make sure the base rails are aligned and in great shape. During installation, our specially trained employees will start with the base rails. Once the base rails are secured, the anchors will be installed. This will allow our team to begin building your structure frame by frame. Once each frame is placed in the correct position, our team will raise it, then secure it. 

After securing the frames, we will attach siding if necessary. If you don’t want any siding, we will begin securing the roof. When we secure the roof, we start with the outer layer and work our way in. This ensures your building and belongings are protected from any external factors, such as weather.

If you opted to include any special elements, such as windows or doors, our team will begin to work on those customizations. If you want to install your own windows and doors, we will only cut the frames out. As for utilities, your local utility company can install them right after we finish installing the building itself.

It’s important to note that any building certifications or permits need to be approved prior to installation. In the event that you forget this step, we will not be able to install your building on the initial delivery and installation date.

General FAQs

1. What are my anchor options?

Without properly anchoring your metal building, it won’t be secured. That being said, it’s important to anchor your building to the proper material. Here are our anchor options:

  • Asphalt – A barbed anchor option that makes it easy to secure relatively any building.
  • Concrete – An expanding anchor option that is one of the most efficient and strong ways to secure your building.
  • Mobile Home — This is a technique in which auger ended anchors can grasp and secure themselves within soil.
  • Rebar- This is the standard anchor option and works on virtually every type of terrain.

For more information about each of our anchor options and which one would be the best fit for you, contact us today!

2. Is a leveled site a requirement?

While it’s not mandatory to have a leveled site, we advise that your site is leveled. A leveled site makes it cheaper and easier to install your metal building. If you don’t want to level your site, simply purchase our tallest height option for the side legs. 

3. Is it mandatory to certify my building?

Every area has different certification requirements. In order to find out whether or not your area requires building certification, contact your local municipality. In the event that your building doesn’t need to be certified, we recommend that you certify it. Having a certified building ensures that your building will be secured, durable, and strong for a long time.

4. How do I create an asphalt or concrete base for my metal building?

Asphalt and concrete take a minimum of 72 hours to set. So, make sure to pour your asphalt or concrete at least three days prior to the designated installation date. If you have any questions or concerns about how you can pour asphalt or concrete, contact one of our representatives. 

5. Can I use a wooden dock as my base?

Yes, you can use a wooden dock as your base. If you want to use a non-floating wooden dock, simply let us know. Then, we can ensure the proper steps are taken to install your building onto surface.

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