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Tarheel Metal Structures

If you’ve been to the Carolinas, you’re probably familiar with the different types of terrain that exists across the different areas of the state’s. From ocean to mountains and everything in between, North Carolina are bustling with beauty and diversity. Diversity doesn’t stop, however, at the scenery it provides, but also in the types of architecture its residents and visitors enjoy. To take a deeper look into the different types of buildings in the Tarheel state, let’s look at Tarheel metal structures and the different types of them available to residents of North Carolina.


The most common Tarheel metal structure is the metal carport. These structures allow shelter over vehicles and other valuable possessions by offering a covering from beating sun rays and heavy rains and hail. Carports come in a vast array of styles, shapes, and sizes, so it’s impossible to discuss them fully in one paragraph. However, they usually come complete with a metal roof and sometimes are fully enclosed to completely shield against outside elements.


You may be surprised that Tarheel metal structures can take on the form of barns. These buildings belong to homeowners an farmers alike who have large equipment or animals to house away from the weather. Barns can be rented to own, or they can be purchased with special customizations to make the most of your space. Stalls can be added, lofts can be installed, and some metal barns come with options for further organizational usage. Much like carports, they come in many shapes, styles, and sizes to suit any homeowner and their needs.

Sky Scrapers

North Carolina is home to many large cities, the largest of which being Charlotte, and is home to many large, tall skyscrapers. These buildings wouldn’t be built without metal, as metal is the core component in creating tall buildings that can bear extremely large amounts of weight. In densely populated areas, Tarheel metal structures are essential in making sure there’s room for all enterprises, employees, employers, and other essential city dealings.

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