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University of North Carolina: Metal Buildings

When it comes to metal buildings, the University of North Carolina has decided to make the most of recent innovations by incorporating a lot of metal into many structures. They have perfected the art of mixing function and aesthetic, using metal in buildings such as libraries, dormitories, and concert halls. Because metal has so many uses, because there are many types of metal, and because architecture allows for many modern miracles, UNC has incorporated metal into these types of verified Tarheel metal buildings, worthy of even the best universities.


Tarheel metal buildings span several different types, the most common of which is libraries. Due to the size of the libraries at the University of North Carolina, the architecture is best curated with special types and styles of metal that allow large, tall buildings to stand. These tarheel metal buildings are understated, as their aesthetic would suggest a more traditional material as the core structure. However, the metal in these buildings provides essential weight bearing properties that allow for the large, ornate libraries to last centuries.


Tarheel metal buildings are also found in the shape of dormitories, because the buildings are built to withstand many people on many stories. Using metal in these buildings makes them more fire resistant and safer for the residents that inhabit the buildings much of the year. Before metal was a core component of commercial structures, fire and safety were the most essential concern for architecture, but metal as the core component of a building allows much greater fire protection, since it doesn’t burn like wood and other common building materials. When Tarheel metal buildings are constructed, they’re always done so with the safety of students and faculty in mind.

Concert Halls

Little known to the general public, metal allows for many advances in acoustic technology. Because of this, Tarheel metal buildings can be seen in the form of concert halls in addition to the standard libraries and dormitories. The University of North Carolina strives to offer the best in education, amenities, and all other things, and this includes the best concert halls in the area. This is achieved by using metal all throughout the building as a way to bounce sound vibrations strategically into the crowd.

As you can see, Tarheel metal buildings are found in many, many forms. The most common of these can be seen in the shape of libraries, dorms, and concert halls. Local residents and students alike can visit and enjoy these buildings and the beauty they’ve brought to the Carolinas.

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