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Tarheel Carports

Tarheel is the term used to describe the residents of North Carolina. North Carolina, on the other hand, is among the most productive states terms of the economic activities that take place there. Various industries have really flourished in this part of the state and among them the metal industry has experienced a tremendous rate of growth within the last few years. There is a wide range of metal structures which include garages, carports, sheds, and barns. For now, the main focus is on the Tarheel carports. The main firm that will be used as the reference point in this case will be Carport Factory Direct. This firm is quite reputable in North Carolina for providing quality metal structures along with their affordable rates. There are different types of carports and among the most common carports that they sell include:

  • Single car carports.
  • 3-car and Triple Carports.
  • Deluxe side entry carports.
  • 2-car and Double Carports.
  • Metal RV carports.
  • Utility carports.
  • Carports with enclosed storage.
  • Marine and boat carport shelters.
  • Combo carports with storage sheds.

The above are the most common carports according to the size and the different vehicles that can be stored in them. As you can see, they range from the most basic single carports to the large and specialised RV carports. When it comes to the design of the carports, there are various designs available for Tarheel Carports. The most common designs include:

  • Regular double carport.
  • Regular single RV carport with side panels.
  • Boxed eave double carport with gable ends and side panels.
  • Vertical roof carport with utility storage.
  • Regular double carport with closed sides, back end closed and gable front.
  • Boxed eave carport with gable ends and side panels.
  • Vertical roof carport with extended gable and closed sides.
  • Regular double carport with gable ends.

With this information in mind, the purchase decision can then be made. Depending on the preferences of the client, custom Tarheel carport designs are also available. The prices are dependent on the size and design of the carport and these factors are directly proportional to the price.


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