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Storage Sheds Rent to Own

Experience storage luxury at rental prices!

When the average homeowner is looking at steel storage buildings, it can somehow feel daunting from a consumer perspective. Deciding which storage sheds would be best is often a difficult choice because of the financial perspective. Can you afford the storage building out right or would you be better off working with our rent to own options? The answer really is quite individual to the person interested, but we have many customers have great success and satisfaction using our storage sheds on a rent to own basis.

Get It Now!

If you are struggling with cash but need a place to store your items or have your own home business to get the funds, our rent to own storage sheds are a perfect option for you. This has a lot of advantages over renting a storage unit off of your property. You can keep paying for your storage while simultaneously playing it off.

Low Risk

There is a very low risk associated with getting one of our storage sheds through our rent to own program. We do not require credit checks, so your storage shed will be available sooner rather than later, and you will also be able to return it if it is something you can no longer pay for or if you do not need it.

Get Started

First, choose the building that will work with your property. We have a large variety of storage sheds in our rent to own program. You will be required to pay the first month’s rent a long with a storage deposit and then thereafter make your payments each month according to the schedule you will set up with Carport Factory Direct. If you want to, you can pay your building off before its scheduled due date to save some money.

Contact us today to get yourself the storage that you need ASAP! If you have questions, we are more than happy to answer those immediately.

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