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Hunting for Storage

Much like hunting for a house or apartment, hunting for a storage solution can be a stressful situation. With so many options within each storage category, it can be difficult to find storage buildings near me that suit all my specific needs. I want to be able to have access to storage, though I don’t know whether I need access on my own property of if I could drive to an off-site location to visit a storage facility when I need to get into it. This is a hard decision, but here are the things I consider when looking for storage buildings near me.


One of the most determining factors when I’m looking for storage buildings near me is my access to the facility. For instance, when I’m between moves and need to store a little furniture and off-season clothing and décor, I’m perfectly happy renting a cheap storage unit in a storage facility. However, when I want to be able to access my storage easily, like if I’m looking to store gardening supplies and sports equipment, I want a storage building on my own property. These are my first considerations, and they help narrow my decision considerably.


In addition to accessibility, I also consider durability when on the hunt for storage buildings near me. Some of my things, like my lawn mower, can handle just about any climate and don’t need to be climate controlled. Other things, however, like my antique dresser set, really should be climate controlled and requires specialized storage that regulates humidity and temperature. In this case, I would choose an off-site storage unit that allows me to set a thermostat to protect my items. Otherwise, a simple backyard metal storage building would suffice for simple items.


Size is the other biggie when trying to find storage buildings near me. Whether I’m looking for an off-site storage unit or a storage building on my own property, size is essential because I don’t want to waste money on something too big, but I want to be able to fit everything inside it I need to. So, I carefully consider what size I would be interested to procure when on my hunt. If I need to store a small, valuable item, I’m likely to consider a safety deposit box, but if I need a place to store my bicycle and kayak I’m much more prone to finding a large unit that can satisfy all my storage needs.

If you’re in the market for a storage building, I recommend beginning with these three considerations: access, durability, and size. These are the three main determining factors when I’m looking for storage buildings near me, and they’re a great place to start if you’ve never looked before.

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