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Steel Horse Barns vs. Traditional Wooden Barns

Horse owners often face a dilemma in choosing the right kind of horse barn to build. Technically, a horse owner can choose between putting up steel horse barns or wooden barns. When you ask several horse owners which option they prefer, you will most likely get different opinions since both options have their own advantages and setbacks. Some horse owners believe that constructing steel horse barns would be the practical choice, while others believe that wood horse barns are better when it comes to performance. In essence, the type of barn highly depends on your preferences. Read on to find out the different considerations you need to think about carefully before building steel horse barns or wood horse barns.

Differences between Steel Horse Barns and Wooden Horse Barns

Here are some of the differences that are highly noticeable between steel horse barns and wooden horse barns:

  1. Sound

For people who don’t like the sound of rain pouring on metal, then a wooden horse barn would be highly recommended. Metal structures produce relatively sharp noise when any element hits it, be it rain, wind, stone, and other things. On the other hand, a wooden structure absorbs the sound, thus providing a quitter environment, inside and out.

  1. Repairs and Maintenance

Obviously, wooden structures would require regular maintenance. This means additional spending on the part of the barn owner. The reason for this is that wood is highly susceptible to the changing weather conditions. For the rainy season, wooden structures are at risk of rotting since too much exposure to water and dirt can lead to weakening of the wood.

On the other hand, a steel structure wouldn’t require as much maintenance as a wooden structure does. Even if it’s extremely hot outside, the steel structure will remain unharmed, except when corrosive elements get in contact with it. This only means that steel structures will only require maintenance when a significant portion of the steel gets exposed to corrosive materials, which rarely happens.

  1. Cost

Most of the time, there is only little difference between the price of constructing steel or wood barns. However, since steel are usually prefabricated in factories today, it has become a whole lot cheaper compared to wooden structures.


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