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Ways to Protect Your Car Against Weather

One of a car’s worst enemies is inclement weather, and beyond that the second worst thing for a car is constant exposure to the sun’s rays. Both circumstances can lead a car into a damaged paint job and other potential exterior damages over time, with almost certainty. There are a number of measures a car owner can take to protect the exterior of their vehicle, however, some of which are listed below. Here are some ways you can protect your car against the weather’s beatings.

Steel Carport

One of the most popular ways to protect cars against the harsh weather is by storing them under a carport. The most durable and protective type of carport is the steel carport, as it uses reinforced steel as a means of protection against hail and the sun’s rays. Beyond a steel carport, many people use more affordable material like colored aluminum, because it also provides great protection, though it may not last as long as a steel carport. Either way, a basic carport can provide shelter in a car’s time of need. Constant exposure to the outside can be disastrous to a car, but a simple steel carport or aluminum carport can prevent most exposure.

Consistent Cleaning Care

Another thing many car owners do to protect against outside forces is to keep up with washes and waxes. A fresh wax can protect against sun rays and air pollutants while a clean car is much less likely to rust than one that constantly has foreign particles building up on top of the paint. Many people neglect the cleaning of the car for failure to realize that keeping a car cleaned and waxed is almost as helpful as having a steel carport, because it will inevitably offer protection agains many factors that contribute to a worn paint job.


Everyone knows a touch up is easier to perform than a replacement, and can even often be done at home. Scratches can lead to rust as the protective coat of paint has worn off the vehicle, so it’s important to either take your car to a body shop for touch ups when you notice scratches, but if that’s beyond your budget there are a number of products you can use to touch up scratches before they can cause worse, more permanent, damage. While touch ups may not protect the car against harm like a steel carport, it will prevent existing scratches and dings from becoming worse realities.

There are a great many number of ways to protect cars against outside forces, and using a steel carport, keeping a car clean and waxed, and touching up the paint are only a few of them. What ever you do, it’s important to consider the cosmetic factors of a car alongside the mechanical aspects, because letting the look of the car fade to disarray can affect resale for the worse.

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