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Steel Buildings in SC

Impressive Steel Buildings in SC

Buildings vary in size, architectural designs and the materials used in constructing the building. The most common types of materials used for building construction are wood, concrete and steel. Among the three materials, steel is the easiest and fastest to use. That is probably the reason why you can see many steel buildings in SC.

Steel buildings in SC are truly impressive. At first glance, you won’t even know the type of materials used for the building since it often looks concrete or wood. Since steel is a versatile material, architects and designers can play around the design of the building limitlessly. As a result, more artistically designed buildings have been erected, even on a global scale. Steel buildings in SC are just a few examples of these impressive building designs.

One of the best reasons why steel buildings are always popular is because it normally uses high-grade steel. High-grade materials are known to be so durable that the building can last longer than wooden and concrete structures.

Types of Steel Buildings in SC

You may think that all steel structures are the same, but they are of different kinds. In fact, there are at least three types of steel buildings in SC, and they are as follows:

  1. Arch Type Steel Building

Usually, the materials used for Arch Type steel buildings are prefabricated, that is why it’s easy to build. You can even hire average-skilled workers to do the job for you since it doesn’t require special skills.

  1. Clear Span

The Clear Span type of steel building is the most popular among the three types of steel buildings listed here. Clear Span type structures are buildings with straight walls. These buildings provide more space inside the structure since it doesn’t use internal support (columns). Instead, it uses large I-beams called trusses that are mainly located at the sidewalls and roof frames.

  1. Multi-Span Type

If you need an expansive workspace, then this type of building is definitely not for you. In contrast with Clear Span type, Multi-span structures use support columns for additional support. However, the large columns can be an obstruction for activities that require vast space.

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