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Steel Buildings in Alabama

Impressive Steel Buildings in Alabama

Alabama is blessed with beautiful landscapes and sceneries that you don’t get to see imposing metal structures in the area, too often. However, some parts of Alabama have become highly industrialized today, particularly Birmingham. When you go to highly industrialized cities, you can see many impressive steel buildings in Alabama, both in commercial and residential districts.

The steel buildings in Alabama vary in size and style. For commercial steel buildings in Alabama, it’s usually the edgy type of steel buildings. The reason for this is that most commercial steel buildings in the area are used as warehouses, so there is really no need to give it an architectural vibe. As for residential steel buildings in the state, you can see different sizes from small, medium, and large structures. These structures are used either as a garage or as an additional private storage facility where homeowners can securely store their miscellaneous belongings.

The steel structures in Alabama are basically under three broad categories: the Clear Span Type, The Multi-Span Type, and the Arch Type. The first two types of steel buildings mentioned above are the most common types of steel structures that you can see in Alabama.

Different Types of Steel Buildings in Alabama

Here is a brief discussion on the three major types of steel buildings in Alabama:

  1. Clear Span Type

The Clear Span Type steel building is often used by industrial and commercial businesses, particularly as warehouses. This type of building offers a vast space to store products and goods of a huge business. Clear Span type means no internal support columns can obstruct the space inside the structure. The only vertical support of the structure is the sidewall columns that are called I-Beams.

  1. Multi-Span Type

The Multi-Span type of steel building is also used as warehouses. However, these warehouses are too huge that a clear pan type of structure isn’t possible. The difference between a clear span and multi-span steel building is that the later has additional internal support columns that can hold the horizontal beams and the roofing materials.

  1. Arch type

The arch type steel structure is not as popular as the two. This structure is often installed in residential lots since it leans more on architectural designs rather than structural engineering.

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