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Metal Sheds & Storage Buildings

Metal Sheds & Storage Buildings

Customize Your Steel Shed!

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There are three ways people deal with storing extra belongings: they keep their house cluttered, store their belongings in a faraway storage space, or purchase a metal storage shed. No one should have to live in a cluttered home or travel farther than their backyard to reach their storage unit. That being said, a metal storage shed from Carport Factory Direct is the perfect option!

Our metal storage sheds are cost-effective, durable, and versatile. Instead of purchasing a general model storage shed, you have the chance to work with one of our specially trained employees to create the perfect storage shed for you. That means you have a say in every decision during the design process, such as whether we use 12 gauge or 14 gauge galvanized steel. In addition to which sized steel is used, you will choose a regular, a-frame, or vertical style roof. Regular and a-frame styles are perfect for people who want a traditional-looking roof, as well as a smaller-sized storage shed. As for vertical roofs, they are a great option for people who want a more modern and larger storage shed. After choosing the technical aspects of your storage building, you can choose the creative aspects, such as which color is used and if it has any additional design elements like windows and doors.

Since our metal storage sheds are personalized and versatile, you can use yours for reasons other than storing extra belongings. For example, you can customize your storage shed so you can use it as a sanctuary, office, or exercise room. You could even use your storage shed as a guest house. And if you can’t settle on one function for your storage shed, it can be multi-functional.

At Carport Factory Direct, we are committed to designing and building a completely customizable and versatile metal storage shed for each of our clients. With our competitive prices and extensive experience, we are able to cater to everyone’s budget and design specifications. With a storage shed from Carport Factory Direct, you won’t have to worry about a cluttered home or driving far away to access your storage unit. Instead, your belongings will be safely secured in a personalized building in your very own backyard. So whether you want a typical modern storage shed or an intricate and customized storage shed, Carport Factory Direct can make your dreams a reality. 

  • 12 gauge 2.25″ or 14 gauge 2.5″ galvanized steel tubing
  • Regular, A-Frame or Vertical roof styles (buildings over 31′ long must be vertical)
  • Walk-in or roll-up doors
  • Windows
  • Galvanized screws come standard; colored screws available for a small fee
  • Truss system (required for buildings over 24′ high)
  • Enclosed sides
  • Gable ends
  • Certification (required for permits and recommended for structures over 10 feet high

Metal Building Color Chart

Metal Building Roof Styles

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