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Rent to Own Metal Buildings

Rent to Own Your Steel Building!

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Sometimes, people need an immediate solution to a space crisis. In other words, they need a quick solution to solve their storage or work needs. Financial budgets can make it difficult to commit to an expensive customized steel building when you need a quick solution. That’s why our rent to own program is perfect for you!

Our rent-to-own program is customer oriented. In other words, there are no unnecessary rules or regulations to make the program easier for us and harder for you. Instead, it’s a quick and affordable alternative to get the steel building you need. The process is simple: all you need to do is take a few moments to apply for our program. One of the reasons why ours differs from other programs is our exclusive application process. Instead of dealing with third-party agencies, we consider each application in-house. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any harsh credit checks. In addition to our in-house application process, the terms of our rent to own metal buildings program are very feasible. In fact, you have the option of paying off your rent to own metal shed or carport whenever you want to. So if your budget happens to loosen, you can start making your payments in advance, and you won’t have to worry about any extra charges because you’re paying your contract off “too quickly.”

So, the gimmick must be in what kind of steel workshop you can rent, right? Actually, there is no gimmick. You can customize your rent to own steel building the same way you could customize your steel building if you were paying it in full upfront. That’s right! You will have a say in everything from what kind of steel is used, to the roof style and overall color of your building. The only difference is, you won’t have to initially break the bank to get the building you need. Instead, you can use the space to your advantage and pay it off in the time frame that suits you.

  • 12 gauge 2.25″ or 14 gauge 2.5″ galvanized steel tubing
  • Regular, A-Frame or Vertical roof styles (buildings over 31′ long must be vertical)
  • Walk-in or roll-up doors
  • Windows
  • Galvanized screws come standard; colored screws available for a small fee
  • Truss system (required for buildings over 24′ high)
  • Enclosed sides
  • Gable ends
  • Certification (required for permits and recommended for structures over 10 feet high

Metal Building Color Chart

Metal Building Roof Styles

roof styles