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Stories of Storage Sheds: A Rent to Own Miracle

There were two men who lived on a rural street, and each with very different taste. One man was young and ambitious, but he valued enjoying slow moments and had an affinity for periods past. He wondered what happened to chivalry and usually tucked in his shirttail. His neighbor, however, was older and didn’t care for pleasantries. His favorite concepts included efficiency and practicality.

Men and Their Yards

One thing these two men did have in common, however, was the fact that they both took pride in their hard work. While the young man kept his garden pristine out of a desire to showcase his unmatched style and class, his older counterpart felt a sense of duty toward keeping his property in neat, tidy order. Truthfully, each silently judged the other for his outward taste. The older man wondered how a young person could waste so much time on perception and aesthetics when he could be working hard to do something that had practical value. At least his garden should consist of food, rather than pointless flowers, if he’s going to spend so much time one it, he’d think to himself. All the while, the younger man would consistently wonder why the older man didn’t find more joy in lovely landscaping, and he wished he would at least plant some florals to accent the neighborhood.

Unlikely Commonalities

One evening, as each man pondered the day’s happenings and the lawn equipment strewn haplessly in the garage in his respective bed, they both reached the same conclusion: I need to consider rent to own storage beds! Arriving at this thought was satisfying to each of them, and they both slept soundly the rest of the night. The next morning, as they both arrived at a local supplier for rent to own storage sheds, they recognized one another instantly as the neighbor with strange yard habits. As the wandered around the facility, each minding his own business, they collided in a happy accident! As they both became lost in consideration of a particular rent to own storage shed, they forgot to look where they were going and smacked into each other – face first, and were forced to realize they were considering purchasing the same rent to own storage sheds.

While they each politely went their own ways after making a brief and embarrassed apology, each man carried a thought with him, “Maybe we aren’t so different after all.” Rent to own storage sheds may not seem like a commonality that would create life long friends, but perhaps their newfound understanding of one another will spark a camaraderie that will extend through years of growth toward friendship.


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