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Rent to Own Buildings in NC

Rent to Own Buildings in NC

Metal buildings are quite convenient for both commercial and personal uses. There are various ways in which you can own a given metal building. The first method involves paying for the metal structure upfront. This step is more expensive but it is the most appropriate if you have the required capital. In case you do not have the full amount required to purchase the preferred metal structure at once, the second method which is referred to as the rent to own method is the most appropriate. Using this approach, you make an initial deposit payment for the metal building. After making the initial payment, the metal structure is then transported to the installation site. The rest of the payment is then paid in subsequent payment portions and after a pre-determined period of time, you can then own the building. Carport Factory Direct is one of the firms that offers the rent to own buildings in North Carolina. In most cases, the pre-determined period of time is set at 36 months after which you can then own the building.

How it Works

The rent to own building plan has a set of phases that the client goes through before he or she can finally own the building. The various features include:

  • Down Payment: In order to be enrolled in the rent to own program, the first step involves making a down payment. The down payment is a percentage of the total cost of the metal structure. Most of the times, the down payment is usually equal to one month’s worth of rent. After making the opening payment, the metal building is then delivered and installed.
  • No Credit Checks: The rent to own program is a rental program and as such, there is no credit application or the credit check required.
  • Flexibility: The program runs for an average period of 36 months but it can be cancelled before the end of this period without any obligation.
  • Terms and Conditions: This program is not available for the build-on-site projects and metal structures worth more than $10,000.
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