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Prefab Buildings

They Many Types of Prefab Buildings

With the rise in efficiency and portability in the world of construction, there are more prefab buildings than ever before. Prefab means prefabricated, which indicates that a structure is created off-site and then loosely constructed on-site. In other words sections of a structure are transported to location by means of truck, dropped off at the site, and then final construction is completed on-site. Prefab buildings can suit just about any need, and the type of prefab building selected will largely depend on the need, especially since customizations are usually readily available. Here are the main categories of prefab buildings.


Many industrial complexes utilize prefab buildings in storage capacities. Whether the buildings store items temporarily or house equipment during off-hours, these buildings serve specific purposes from their conception. Depending on the required intricacy of the prefab buildings, industrial ones often come fully loaded with charging docks for equipment and fueling stations for automobiles. Other types of industrial prefab buildings may instead come fully loaded with organizational equipment to house inventory and prepare shipments. Still others are empty shells, ready to be stocked with anything and everything.

Storage Buildings

One of America’s favorite ways to store things is in residential garages. In fact, most don’t even house vehicles like they’re intended to, because families have many things that need storage but won’t fit in or shouldn’t be in the home (like gas lawn mowers and grills). Many people find that a great solution to this problem, allowing the cars to rest where they’re supposed to – the garage, is to purchase a prefab building created for storage. These buildings are more specified to specific storage needs, due to their intended nature, and can come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and levels of climate control to suit the owner’s storage needs. Some of the main draws to prefab storage buildings is the fact that their style and color scheme are customizable to match your property, and the fact that it’s exterior storage that can remain on the property without cluttering the home.

Carports and Garage

For homeowners who don’t have a garage, or need one for additional vehicles or equipment, can often find solace in prefab buildings of the garage variety. These can be open on all sides with a roof overhead, or they can be covered on three or all sizes. Prefab building garages are readily available from local suppliers, and can even be rented to own in the event that you aren’t sure about the commitment. They’re easy to ship and install, and they are much more affordable than a stick-built garage. This makes the commitment to owning a garage much less permanent than it would be otherwise.

Most prefab buildings come within these three categories, but you’d be surprised at what all can come prefab. With advances in modern technology, anything can be efficiently prefabricated off-site. Even homes can be manufactured in parts, which would qualify some residential structures as prefab buildings. It’s really quite fascinating that anything can be a prefab building.

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