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Portable Carports


There are many different sizes and styles of portable carports available. At Carport Factory Direct, we want to help those who are looking for more storage space for their homes. If your garage is too small to hold all of your belongings, your vehicles, and your yard machinery, portable carports are definitely something for you to look into.


You want to make sure that you explore all of the options when you are looking at portable carports. Some are better than others, with longer lasting potential. If you have a large vehicle to store like a camper or recreational vehicle, you might want to check on portable carports that have a raised roof so that a larger vehicle can fit under it. If you want to be sure that these items are safe when not being used during the summer months, portable carports are great options.


Additionally, you can store work vehicles, lawnmowers, boats, seasonal decoration items, crafting supplies, and manhy other items inside of a portable carport. It provides some security rather than putting these items outside. It also can be a place to gather with friends and family in the shade if you have minimal storage needs.


If you are in a farm situation where you have horses or other livestock, you can use the portable carports you choose to shade the horses in extreme heat and to store their food. You need to have a dry place to store the hay so that it is edible for your horses. Having the peak style roof will keep water from snow and rain off the top of the roof, thus preserving the life of any of our portable carports or barns.


Carport Factory Direct has great options if you are looking at portable carports. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with one of our designers to get your own portable carport as soon as possible.

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