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Metal Garage

We at Carport Factory Direct love installing metal storage sheds and garages for our customers. A metal garage, while traditionally used for storing excess possessions, machinery, hobby equipment, and recreational vehicles, can be used for many other functions. The metal garage has a value that exceeds any that a wood or other material structure can put forth. Steel that makes up the average metal garage will outlast other materials and give you the best return on your investment. A metal garage is strong, durable, and is installed by our quality installers every time.


We make sure that Carport Factory Direct gives you the best metal garage for whatever purpose you choose. Our designers and installers work hard for you, saving you costs and creating very little wasted materials. You want a building that will require little maintenance, and we deliver that with each and every metal garage that we install. If you want to start small you can. We give you the option of expansion and additional customization as time goes on. We will be with you through all the stages of your metal garage evolution. You can choose additional accessories and features whenever needed.


We will work with you within your budget and make sure that you get what you need at a great price. We offer rent to own programs with a metal garage of your choosing. You can call us for maintenance when needed, although you’ll find that your metal garage will need little maintenance in comparison to the other types of materials available on the market today. Putting your metal garage together will be a quick and easy process for both you and us. We want you to be using it tio protect your possessions as soon as you possibly can.


Don’t forget – a metal garage is low-maintenance and can be constructed extremely fast if you should find yourself needing one. They last longer than wood or other materials and are not susceptible to fire or pest related damages. You can expand them easily whenever you feel the need. Carport Factory Direct also works to be the best company in the business.

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