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Metal Carports for Sale!

Welcome to Carport Factory Direct, where we have many types of metal carports for sale! We have many colors, shapes, and sizes, and there are many options for procuring these. Our metal carports are prefabricated, and they come with many options. We have sizes and shapes to meet any need, and we offer different customizations, from material to additional features, that can make our metal carports for sale into your very own dream automobile cover. Here are some things about us at Carport Factory Direct that make us and our metal carports for sale perfect for so many customers.

Rent to Own

Many homeowners are at a loss for making a decision when it comes to a garage. Should they have an attached garage added to the home, or should they have one built in a back or front yard separate from the home? Should they choose a metal carport instead, or a prefabricated garage that compliments the style of the home? Making this decision is difficult, but it’s a little less so when you have the option to rent to own metal carports for sale. It’s a way to test something before you commit, so if you’re stuck between purchasing a metal carport and building an attached garage, you can test a metal carport on your own property. If you don’t like it, you can simply return the metal carport.

Customizable Features

One of the most exciting aspects of our metal carports for sale is the fact that they’re customizable. You can choose a size that will perfectly store your belongings, and you can choose from different materials based on your aesthetic preference and utility concerns, and there are many additional features that can be added or taken away to create a custom metal carport for you.


Putting your home under construction is a real chore. Your entire home will be covered in dust from the construction process, your property will become a job site for an indefinite period of time, hosting many workers, contractors, and inspectors, and it’ll undoubtedly be costly. This is one of the main determining factors when people choose to purchase metal carports for sale instead of adding an attached garage to the home. Our metal carports, however, come in a range of styles and colors to compliment your home and are prefabricated for easy assembly. Our carports are fabricated off site, delivered, and assembled (usually in a single day) on your property, avoiding the hassle of a full on construction site.

If you’re in the market for prefabricated, customizable, rent to own metal carports for sale, make sure you visit Carports Factory Direct to explore all our options.

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