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Uses for Metal Car Ports

Metal car ports come in all shapes and sizes, and unsurprisingly have a lot of purposes. You may even be shocked at all the things you can do with them, so why don’t we explore some ways you might not have thought to use your carport.

House Cars

Let’s start with the most obvious use for metal car ports: to protect vehicles from the elements. This is the primary use for carports, so it makes sense to be the most popular as well. Coming in various shapes and sizes, carports can hold one, two, or even three vehicles at a time, depending on the size of the carport. Other vehicles, like golf carts and motor bikes, also often find a home in a car port, so you can see that any vehicle or car can live underneath a carport.

Han Basketball Goals

Depending on the layout of the driveway and home, a basketball goal could be a perfect entertainment option on driveways outside garages. While some properties have a perfect location to set up a goal, others lack the proper placement and require creativity. In this instance, metal car ports can be hung at just about the right height when placed on the side of the top of a car port. With two height options (the top of the bottom or the top of the top of the carport), the goal can be placed in accordance with the skill level of the family.

Sports Equipment

As with some garages, metal carports can be prone to becoming the storage facility of random household items. One of these makes sense in a garage, and that’s sports equipment. While often too bulky, dirty, or just not right for the inside of the home, placing baseball equipment and kayaks beneath the metal car ports can provide essential protection against weather while providing helpful exterior storage space.

As you’ve witnessed, you can get rather creative with possibilities involving metal car ports. Even if you use it for hosting your car, you could probably still organize many things around vehicles, providing shelter to lawn mowers and garden supplies. Whether placed adjacent to the home or somewhere else on the property, a car port can give many utility benefits.

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