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NC Metal Buildings

Metal has made a huge impact on construction of all kinds, and North Carolina’s building industry isn’t immune from the trend. Metal allows architecture to come to life that would otherwise find no way to exist, and this concept has pervaded every aspect of construction and development from bridges to skyscrapers and everything in between. Here is a breakdowns of some of NC’s metal buildings and how they serve the population with efficiency and practicality.

Sky Scrapers

North Carolina is home to a few larger cities, most of which have tall buildings constructed mostly of metal. Before the appearance of metal in the construction world, buildings over a certain number of stories were impossible to support and construct, and developments in metal are allowing for taller, and taller buildings all the time. Developments in metal in NC buildings includes strengthened metal, and metal in any imaginable shape or size, which means anything an architect can envision and plan can be executed using custom made metals.


As a state where several lakes adorn country sides, bridges become an essential part of transportation. Most bridges use metal in their construction, and these NC metal buildings are made to last and withstand severely heavy loads. Many cars can drive over these structures at once because they’re expertly crafted to handle anything. While concrete is also a staple component of NC bridges, metal is the real load-bearer and the champion of the bridge.

Personal Storage Buildings

While some sheds, garages, and barns are made by hand with wood, siding, shingles, and more, more affordable options come in the form of solid metal buildings. Many suppliers offer customizable metal buildings for personal storage, which can be purchased with financing options or even options for renting to own. These customizable NC metal buildings can accommodate many sizes, shapes, and special features like doors and windows.

North Carolina uses metal in every type of structure as a way to strengthen the building and provide added security and weight bearing. Metal is used in bridges, sky scrapers, personal storage buildings, and it’s finding its way in to more and more structures as an innovative, affordable way to build.

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