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Barns, Barns, and Barns, Oh My!

Metal barns, wood barns, cement barns, and more! These are the types of barns that are taking over the farming industry by storm as farmers scramble to keep up with current technology and methods to harvest, store, and process food, both meat and plant food. Why don’t we explore some types of barns that are popular, an what specific purposes they can serve on all types of farms?

Wood Barns

This classic farm staple is known to be long-lasting, affordable to construct, and easily maintained for decades, and even centuries. Most farmers have at least one wood barn, which can be either new or old depending on the age of the farm itself. One of the best things about these barns is the fact that they can last many generations, and can often even withstand a relocation to accommodate a growing facility. Wood barns are durable and can be renovated to handle new technology and methods.

Metal Barns

Different barns serve different purposes, as stated previously, and a metal barn is different from a wood barn in that it can handle high temperatures and many weather conditions that would destroy a wood barn. A metal barn can be made of steel, iron, or a number of other metals that range in durability and longevity. The best metal barns are much more expensive than wood barns, but can last even longer when maintained properly.

Cement Barns

Most cement barns take on the form of a silo, storing food at very controlled temperatures. Cement is so good at this job that similar products have been used for centuries to control the climate of large stores of seeds, grains, and other long lasting food products. Farms that deal with hazardous chemicals and machinery can often take on other forms that silos, and sometimes even parts of a single barn can be constructed of cement when a custom barn is made for the specific requirements of a given farm.

All three styles of barns each offers a unique take on farming, because they all serve another function. While a metal barn can handle high heats during processing and can withstand intense weather conditions, a wood barn is affordable, easy to repair, and can last many generations of farmers and their daughters and sons. A cement barn, on the other hand, is made for specific utilities to provide a controlled environment and a cool, dry space.


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