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Carports are metal structures used mainly for keeping vehicles safe from the effects of harsh weather conditions. Metal structures are strong and they are a convenient way of storing valuable items. In the case of carports, they come in various sizes and designs but in this case, the designs form an integral part of the discussion. There are three common designs namely vertical roof carport, boxed eave roof carport, and lean to metal carport. The lean to carport design is the one which forms a major part of this discussion.

When it comes to the lean to carports, there are three primary variations of the same. These variations are mostly based on the roof line design. The first one is the open carport lean which has the centre open while the second one is the fully enclosed which has all the sides enclosed and finally, there is the lean to closed roof design carport. When it comes to the measurements for the lean to carports, they are usually 12’ wide but with the centre part having a width of between 12’ and 24’. The length can vary as well with the most common variations of length being from 21’ to 41’ long. However, there is the option of extending the length beyond 41 which simply implies connecting two lean buildings from each end. The lean to carports have various advantages in terms of the stored items. The first advantage accrues from the fact that the lean to carport keeps valuable items safe. These valuable items can range all the way from vehicles to expensive equipment and tools. The lean to carport also protects these valuable assets from the harmful effects of harsh weather conditions.

There are various firms that design and sell lean to carports but the most reputable firm is Carport Factory Direct. It offers a wide range of carports to choose from and the quality of their products is guaranteed.

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