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Types of Garage Buildings

Many people don’t realize there are as many types of garage buildings as there are types of homes and commercial structures! It’s quite fascinating, really, since styles and types can range from simple to extraordinarily ornate. With garage buildings housing anything from simple home storage to luxury sports cars to tractor-trailers, anything in between can find a home in a garage. Garages are built to suit their individual owner’s and user’s needs, so let’s explore the types of garage buildings in existence, shall we?

Residential Attached Garages

This is what comes to mind most often when people consider garage buildings. They’re designed to match the home, and they’re attached, insulated, and usually climate controlled. While some are very simple on the inside, just meant to be a protected place for cars and other storage, some are more ornate and have many storage and organizational solutions built-in. These more luxury garages are often extra-insulated and extra-secure, offering many features that protect expensive luxury cars and belongings. More simpler attached home garage buildings, on the other hand, may include just some simple insulation and HVAC, but are otherwise unfinished.

Prefabricated Garage Buildings

Prefabricated garage buildings, often purchased from a storage building supplier, offer many customizable features but are much, much more affordable than an attached residential garage. Ranging in sizes, levels of protection from the elements, and materials, prefabricated garage buildings offer many customizations to benefit a number of homeowners and business owners. These buildings can come open on all sides, offering minimum support against the elements, while others offer fully-enclosed spaces, some even having minimal amounts of insulation to help climate-control the area.

Industrial Garage Buildings

In addition to residential attached garages and prefabricated garage buildings, many people who have large equipment utilize industrial garage buildings. These garage buildings are built with specific use in mind, whether that use is to house tractor trailers, to load shipments onto large trucks, or to house private airplanes and boats, they’re built to last and have many utility features added in. For instance, industrial garage buildings that are meant to house jets and private airplanes often come with fuel-points built in to accommodate the refueling of massive gas tanks. Still other industrial garage buildings have specialized ramps and other utility features to make loading and docking large trucks a breeze.

There are even more types of garage buildings, but most would fit within these three categories: residential, prefabricated, and industrial garage buildings. However, you can have a custom garage built just for you, with every need you may have in mind, by visiting a local contractor (for attached garages) or a prefab supplier. Whether your needs are residential or industrial, there’s sure to be a garage building for you!

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