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Free Standing Carport Tips and Tricks


If you have a free standing carport, we at Carport Factory Direct have some tips so that your free standing carport can be clean and functional throughout the spring and summer months when your carport more see more use than normal. A free standing carport can become a place where clutter collects or where disorganization occurs due to items being placed there and forgotten to a certain extent.


If you want to get maximum usage of your free standing carport, you will want to follow some of these time saving tips. First, make sure you are not using your free standing carport as an area to dump junk. Decide that you will take a weekend to declutter the carport area, and get it done. If you need to hire professionals to help with the organization or physical cleaning, you will want to take that into account. Be focused on getting your goal finished. Use music or news stations to motivate you to keep working and to keep from getting bored.


If you remove the clutter from your free standing carport, you will have more space to give the carport a cleaning from the top to bottom. Also, assessing each item individually will help you know which items you want to keep in your free standing carport. Choose a day with good weather so you will have a staging area to place items in a pile to keep, donate, or throw away. You can also recycle some items. Don’t bother putting back the things you know are no longer of use to you.


While the free standing carport is empty, you can use some cleaners to clean the cement, you can sweet, you can clean storage bins. Be sure to do this so that when you replace what you are keeping, it will stay in good condition and be easy to find.

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