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Features of Our Metal Carports & RV Carports

Phenomenal Quality

  • We use top-rated materials for all of our metal carports and RV metal covers, which enhances durability, resilience, and safety.
  • Carport Factory Direct works with a combination of nationwide and local manufacturers, so we can provide a diverse variety of materials.
  • You can choose 12 gauge or 14 gauge galvanized steel for your metal carport or metal RV garage. Each gauge offers different benefits, such as extreme strength and resilience to inclement weather.

Strength and Safety

  • Our steel carports and metal RV carports protect your vehicles from any external damage, specifically from the environment. With one of our metal carports or RV sheds, you won’t have to worry about wind, rain, snow, or any other inclement weather condition damaging your vehicles.
  • Our metal carports for sale and RV buildings serve as additional elements that protect your vehicles and other valuable belongings from potential animal or burglar damage.

Special Design Features

  • Choose from the following three different roof styles: regular, a-frame, and vertical.
  • 17 different colors to choose from.
  • Opportunity to add special design elements, such as windows and doors.


  • Our carports for sale and RV metal covers are completely customizable, so you have a direct say in what materials we use and the overall design of your structure.
  • Since we value customer personalization, your carport or metal RV garage will be one-of-a-kind.
  • With the combination of our personalized design process and our customized materials, our small vehicle and RV carports are multi-functional and versatile. So, you can use your metal garage or RV carport for other things than simply storing your vehicles.
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