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When to Choose an Enclosed Carport

Many people consider making upgrades, changes, and additions to their homes when warmer months present themselves. It can be easy to hibernate when it’s cool outside, but warm weather brings out the nesting tendencies in all of us. One thing homeowners who don’t have one usually covet is a carport or garage, and when making changes to the home this kind of addition is right at the top of a lot of people’s lists. If you’re still in the consideration stage of adding a garage or carport, you may still be wondering what kind of structure you even want. If you’re considering a fully enclosed carport, here are some signs that it could be the perfect choice for you.

You Want Extra Security

A lot of people who don’t have a garage are practically inviting intruders to scope out their cars for potential theft, especially in areas with a dense population or a high crime rate. This means added security is a primary concern in many folks’ garage home additions. Because having an open carport does nothing to increase safety and security, an enclosed carport is just what the doctor ordered for many families. If you want extra security, you can rule out a basic carport and focus on having a garage or an enclosed carport added to your property.

You’re On a Budget

If you want all the benefits of a stick-built garage, but you lack the entire funds for that kind of financial commitment, you should definitely consider an enclosed carport instead. These structures are typically prefabricated off-site and are constructed in one to two days on the property, and they cost a lot less than a stick-built garage. Some suppliers even offer rent-to-own and financing options making them more affordable. With all the security and climate control of a basic garage, an enclosed carport is ideal for people on a budget.

You Need Climate Control

For many people, a garage or carport is meant for more than parking a vehicle. This space can be ideal for any kind of additional storage from seasonal décor to gardening equipment. Many of this storage requires climate control of some sort, which makes an enclosed carport perfect for this purpose. With varying degrees of insulation available in an enclosed carport, homeowners can choose what best suits their own storage needs. It doesn’t hurt that an enclosed carport will keep a vehicle dry and cool in summer and warm in winter.

An enclosed carport isn’t for everybody. If you’re committed to a stick-built garage and have the budget to allow it, or if you just want a simple overhead carport to protect cars from hail and sun damage, you might be best to leave an enclosed carport out of the equation all together. However, they’re a great hybrid between a carport and a garage and can suit a lot of people better than anything else.

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