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How to Price-Guess a Carport

One of the first considerations when it comes to a purchase is usually price. Since most of us are on a budget, it’s important to know what we’re getting into when we begin to consider a purchase, especially if it’s a big one like a carport. One of the most important factors in a purchase is in fact price for most people, so while carports prices can be kind of all over the place with many determining factors, there are ways to determine what kind of price range you may be looking at in a carport. Here are things you can expect in low, medium, and high price ranged carports.

Low Price Range

Carports prices are determined by three main factors: size, material, and type. A low price range carport will usually be smaller, perhaps big enough for one vehicle or one car and a golf cart. The cheapest carports will be small, created of a cheap material like aluminum, and will be open on all sides with a simple overhead roof. However, prices can range according to type as well, so a simple open carport from one supplier that installs prefabricated carports might cost more than a simple carport kit from a hardware store, installed yourself. The lowest price range usually includes smaller carports made of cheap materials, installed by owner.

Medium Price Range

Medium carports prices can come in any number of combinations. For example, a very small carport made of the best materials may cost less than a very large aluminum carport with affordable garage doors. The medium price range allows for customizations and compromises, spending money where it matters most to the homeowner and leaving out extras that aren’t as important. If a homeowner values space above all else, material won’t be as important as size. However, someone with small storage needs and a great care for aesthetic might choose a carport that’s small but matches the main house on the property.

High Price Range

The highest price range carports are made of all the best materials. These can be prefabricated, but are usually always made of real wood and assembled by hand, offering many upgrades and customizations. These carports can have siding to match the home and shingles to match the roof, and they even have windows and a working garage door. Depending where these are purchased, these carport’s prices are always higher than their aluminum or metal counterparts. These have a more residential aesthetic than an industrial metal building, and are better suited to neighborhoods with rules about appearance.

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