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NC Carports and Styles

North Carolina is a state rich in history, and architecture is as varied as the melting pot of citizens that make up the state. There are many cultures and eras that come into play to create an eclectic variety of styles that create a beautiful whole. To understand more about NC architectural style, let’s look specifically at the carport and the various styles available there.

Prefabricated Carport

One of the most popular styles of NC carports is the prefabricated carport. There are a lot of different kinds of this option, but they’re all pre-made off site and constructed in one to two days on the property. Some prefabricated options come with many customizable features and can even include siding and shingles to match the home itself. These, however, come in such a vast range of styles that while one carport might provide excellent protection against the elements while another only provides a simple overhead roof with now walls or flooring. There are so many options when it comes to these NC carports that there’s almost literally something for everyone.

Built Garage

In addition to prefabricated carports in NC, many homeowners have a real built garage on their property. While these are a lot more expensive than prefabricated counterparts, they offer every protection and security the home itself would, and they can last centuries, just like a stick-built house. When having a garage built, builders or homeowners have complete customizable authority in every selection that’s made. A fully customized, stick built garage can serve a family to maximum potential, because it can be designed to cater to a family’s real and most present storage needs.

Different homeowners have different needs for a garage, and because North Carolina is so diverse in its people it’s also diverse in NC carports style. There are a hundred different options in a prefabricated carport, making these ideal for homeowners on a budget. A built garage, while more expensive, offers literally limitless options for insulation, organization, and storage.

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