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At Carport Factory Direct, we love to provide our customers with the cheap, affordable carports that they are looking for. We have engineers and designers that will help you to pinpoint your specific needs, dimensions, and materials while keeping cost in mind for those who might consider themselves “cheap.” We love helping people be cheap! It’s our job!


If you find yourself with the necessity to build one of our smaller carports to keep costs low and cheap, there are some storage systems that will help you to keep as much in your carport as possible. When you are working with seasonal activities such as yard maintenance, you will want to have some storage available in your carports to make life easier. These storage types will help you keep your maximum amount of items in the smallest possible space. Cheap carports can hold a lot of stuff!

If you efficiently use overhead storage systems in your carports, you will find that you can keep a lot of space available. You can use storage racks on perhaps an enclosed side of the carports. These can be installed on the cheap, and they really do help maximize your storage potential. Bulky seasonal items both indoor and out can be stored in these cheap overhead storage racks. You can also purchase cheap and low-cost specialty storage racks depending on the needs of your carports.

If you want to keep the cost of your carports extremely cheap, you can also go with storage cabinets or tool boxes to keep things functional and efficient, all the while not expanding the carports too far to cause extra cost that way. You can also use car lifts if you need more room.


Just because you feel that you are cheap or don’t have enough income to get carports cheap enough for you, that doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. Check with us at Carport Factory Direct, and we will help you realize the desire for the added freedom that carports provide.

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