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Carports and Garages – Care of the Flooring


Owners of carports and garages the world over know that your carports and garages take a lot of abuse and damage. They store items that you use on a regular basis – usually messy, destruction causing items. They can sustain scratches, cracks, spills and a lot more. Carport Factory Direct wants you to be sure that you are using some effective methodology to keep your carports and garages clean and tidy so that they will maintain maximum usefulness throughout the duration of their life. You want carports and garages that you can be proud of, looking and performing their best.


Be sure to choose the correct flooring for your carports and garages in advance, if possible. Most of these carports and garages are made of concrete, but there are a variety of tile or rubber type flooring models as well. If you choose granite, it is more pricey but it is also resistant to scratches. Determine in advance what your carports and garages will be used for if at all possible.


If you are at it for long, you will find that water is the most commonly spilled substance that will pool on the floor of your carports and garages. Water is not thought of as super damaging, but it does soak down into many substances and can cause problems at low temperatures. Also, oil and anti-freeze can stain the floor and leave your carports and garages looking dirty and disheveled. They can also cause corrosion which is a problem that you do not want.


To protect the floors of your carports and garages, you can use either an epoxy coating or some type of oil-absorbing mat. You can also use dry-sorb or other related products if you have a spill that you need to clean. You can specifically target areas where your vehicles are located or other work that is done in your carports and garages.

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