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What Kind of Carport Should You Choose?

There are as many types of carports and garages as there are people, and every carport has something unique to offer its owner. If you’re thinking of expanding your home into a carport, there are some things you should consider to help you determine what type of carport you should own. It’s important that you choose the best product for your lifestyle, budget, and preferences.

Carport Cover

Consider a carport cover if you simply need light shielding from the outside elements. For instance, a carport cover is great if you have a low budget and just want to shield your car’s paint job from hail and beating sun. This simple carport cover is an easy, low maintenance way to keep certain things safe. However, it’s important to remember these carport covers aren’t a great way to keep and store things that require a climate controlled environment. They’re open on all sides and have a simple roof covering. They’re also one of the most affordable types of carports, and are great for temporary or accessory covering.

Prefab Garage

A prefabricated metal garage can be similar in price and procedure to a carport cover, but offers additional security in that it’s covered on all sides and usually has a floor as well. A prefabricated garage is quick to install and more affordable than a built garage, but offers some of the same protection and security against intruders. A prefab garage can usually be installed by a professional in one or two days, and doesn’t have to be a permanent structure on the property.

Built Garage

In contrast to a carport cover or prefabricated garage, a built garage is built just like a home, sometimes attached to the home itself, and offers all the same security, protection, and climate control of a home. While a built garage is the most expensive type of garage/carport, and while it takes the longest to install, it adds the most value to a property and is a permanent structure.

Obviously each kind of carport or garage is very different in its own unique way, so it’s vital you consider each one so you can make an educated decision about what will best suit you and your property and family. You can evaluate your own needs and budget against the types of carports, and you can choose the perfect one for you. Any option you choose will protect your vehicles and other storage from weather and sun damages.

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