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Carolina Barns and the Cars that Occupy Them

Everyone who’s into cars is always trying to find a good Carolina barn find. But if you really know how and where to look, these barns are much more common than you would think. Through the years, people have discovered plenty of rare cars in these car barns, with a couple of them holding racing histories and everything else in between. Sometimes you will hear stories about car hunters, and there are TV shows that seem to glorify the discovery of an old car. To make the story or the show twice as interesting, there’s always an air of pure mystery as to how these ancient car models are discovered. The show even makes it seem as if searching for these cars is a full-time job.

Fortunately, you no longer have to roam around Carolina barns, get chased by farm dogs, or stay inside creepy abandoned buildings in the hopes of finding a good vintage barn or car. Here are a couple of tips you must follow if you’re searching for a good Carolina barn.

Tips on Finding Cars in Carolina Barns

Run ads in your local newspaper. You might be surprised at the amount of phone calls that you will receive, especially from people who want to sell their car barns. You can always find the Carolina barn hunters ads they always carry the same story. A lot of people who post car barn ads in newspapers are professional buyers and sellers. There are instances in which they’ll state ‘Private party’ in their ads, so in case the buyer or seller shows up, they’ll feel more comfortable.

Next tip is to take a long drive. If your car has GPS, then switch off the ‘Allow Freeways’ option, and pass through parts of town that have Carolina barns. Keep in mind that not all of them are for sale – Although it still helps to knock on other people’s doors. You can always jot down the address or email the owner.

You’ll never know what type of Carolina barns you’ll find when you do a search.

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