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Buying Guide: Metal Garages

Buying Guide

Metal Garages

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Metal Garage:

Is weather protection important to you?

Inclement weather can cause deterioration and general damage to your vehicles, outdoor equipment, and other belongings you leave outside. That’s why a metal carport garage is the perfect solution for people who want to effectively store their vehicles and belongings in a protected and stable structure. 

Do you have enough space to install a garage?

While your metal carport garage doesn’t have to be extremely large, it should be a decent size. That means you need to have enough space to adequately install your metal garage. For more information about our standard sizing guide, contact one of our representatives.

Will you need a building permit?

Depending on your home and where you live, you might need a building permit to install your metal RV garage. If you’re unsure about the building codes in your area, contact your local town hall.

Different Roof Styles:

One of the most important elements of your garage is your roof. That being said, we offer three different roof styles to accommodate a variety of sizing, functional, and stylistic needs.


Regular roof style

Our regular roof style is a traditional roof with a triangle top and curved sides. A regular roof style is perfect for people with an average-sized metal garage who live in an area that experiences minimal inclement weather.


Horizontal A-Frame

Similar to a regular roof, an a-frame roof has a traditional roof shape with a triangular top and straight edges. Since an a-frame roof has a different siding structure than a regular roof, this style is better suited for people who live in areas that experience an average amount of inclement weather and have a medium-to-large-sized metal garage.


Vertical roof style

The last roof style we offer is vertical. A vertical roof has the same general structure as an a-frame roof, but has vertical panels instead of horizontal panels. Since a vertical roof is larger and wider than other roof styles, this is the best solution for people who live in an area that experiences a lot of inclement weather and have an oversized metal garage.

How to Choose the Right Size:

While customizing your metal garage is fun and important, it’s critical to choose the correct sizing for your building. 


Our steel carports garages range from 12’ to 50’ wide. Although we offer oversized RV metal garages, people typically choose a width between 12’ and 26’. For reference, here is a list of what our most common sizes can accommodate:

  • 12’ – one standard-size vehicle
  • 18’ – two smaller-sized vehicles
  • 20’ – two medium-sized vehicles
  • 22’ – two standard-size SUVs or trucks
  • 24’ – two oversized vehicles
  • 26’ – three standard-size vehicles


We offer metal garages 21’ to 60’ long. As with width, most people choose a length from 21’ to 31’ for their metal garage. Although most people choose a small-to-medium-length garage, you might want to choose a longer length if you want to use your metal garage to store more than two or three vehicles.


Our heights range from 1’ to 15’ taller than our widths. Since it’s important to make sure that your metal garage is tall enough to accommodate your vehicle, consult one of our representatives to determine your ideal height measurements. 

All About Different Steel Framing:

Everyone has different needs and budgets. That’s why we offer two types of galvanized steel framing. 

  12 Gauge

The first type of galvanized steel framing we offer is 12 gauge. 12 gauge is perfect for people who have a larger metal garage and live in an area that experiences a good amount of inclement weather. 12 gauge galvanized steel framing is thicker and more resilient than 14 gauge framing. That’s why it is the most effective at protecting your steel garage for sale and belongings.

  14 Gauge

On the other hand, 14 gauge galvanized steel framing is more cost effective than 12 gauge steel framing. While 12 gauge is more resilient and stronger than 14 gauge, 14 gauge still has a lot of strength and durability. After all, it’s the industry standard.

  Should You Certify Your Building?

While it’s not always mandatory to certify your building, you should always obtain certification. Some of the advantages of certifying your building include:

  • Increased strength
  • Better lifetime guarantee due to an experienced and educated engineer
  • Increased protection against inclement weather, animals, and burglars

It should be noted that some areas require personal and commercial steel garages to be certified. In order to find out whether or not your area requires building certification, contact your local government.


Enclosing Options

Since metal carport garages are fully enclosed, they have to be outlined and paneled. We offer a variety of panel options that all have a 3’ width. While our metal garages in NC are typically fully enclosed, you do have the option of keeping one side open. For more information about what paneling you should use, and if you should keep one side exposed, contact one of our representatives. 

Additional Elements:

In order to make your prefab metal garage personalized and unique, we offer a variety of optional additional elements. 


If you plan on storing any items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures or want to use your steel carport garage as a functional space, insulation is a great option for you. Typically, we use a 4.3 R-value insulation to provide our customers with the maximum amount of insulation. If you’re interested in learning more about our insulation options, contact us today!


Adding a window or two to your custom metal garage is a great way to add natural sunlight to your personalized structure. Although we offer standard window sizes, we can accommodate most needs and customizations.


While electronic wide doors are great for transporting vehicles to and from your garage, a customized walk-in door is a great option for people who want to be able to easily access their garage on foot. Like our windows, we offer standard walk-in doors with a sleek finish.

  Bows & Trusses

Bows and trusses are additional elements that can greatly increase the amount of support your metal garage has. Although all metal workshops and garages have at least one bow or truss, garages located in climates with a large amount of inclement weather or oversized garages should have more bows and trusses.


In order to keep your steel carport or garage secure and grounded, you can anchor it on top of a material, such as concrete. Since different types of anchoring materials work better for different environments and garage sizes, make sure to consult one of our representatives to learn about your best option.

Different Colors:

Who said cheap metal garages have to be a plain black or white color? Instead of choosing a minimalistic or traditional color, choose one of our 17 bold colors! Our wide variety of colors allows our customers to truly customize their prefab steel garage and tailor their building to their unique, personal design aesthetic. 



How to Prep Your Site for Installation:

Once your steel garage workshopf or sale is built, we’ll contact you to set up a delivery date. It’s critical that your site is prepared for installation by your delivery date. If your site isn’t properly prepared, we won’t be able to deliver and install your metal garage.

Preparing your site is simple. All you have to do is level the site and clean up the landscape. If you’re concerned about whether or not you have properly prepared your site for carport installation, simply give us a call.

General FAQs:

1. Can I add my own customizations?

While you don’t need side panels, they are extremely beneficial. Side panels make your metal or RV garage stronger and more supported. This ensures your vehicles and belongings remain protected from weather and other external factors. We advise that metal garages for RVs larger than 10’ have side panels.

2. Can I change the design of my garage after it’s built?

Yes! While we can always add any elements to your steel garage building after it’s built, you will most likely have to pay an additional fee. Make sure to contact one of our specially trained representatives to learn more about adding new features to your garage.

3. Is there an affordable way to build my garage?

Yes, there is an affordable way to build your steel carport garage. If you don’t want to initially spend a ton of money on your metal garage, you could purchase a metal carport. Then, you could slowly add to your carport until it becomes a garage. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can slowly transform a metal carport into garage, give us a call today. We also offer financing and rent-to-own options for those who are not ready to spend the full amount upfront.

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