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Alabama’s weather is typically favorable for residents and visitors. After all, Alabama typically experiences heavy rainfall during colder seasons, which allows crops to quickly blossom. In turn, this means that Alabama summers are usually extremely hot, even tipping temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. As an Alabama resident, this usually means you can enjoy breezy weather during college football season as local crops grow, and take a dip in local pools and lakes to cool off in the summer. Unfortunately, your vehicles and belongings don’t experience the same favorable aspects of Alabama weather. Instead, they are prone to damage from heavy rainfall and thunderstorms during colder seasons and extreme heat and tornadoes during warmer seasons. So, how can Alabama homeowners prevent their vehicles and other valuable possessions from external damage?

The solution is simple: Alabama homeowners can purchase one of our customizable Alabama steel buildings. Our refined technique, advanced technology, and renowned materials have enabled us to become recognized as one of the best Alabama metal garages and Alabama metal carports suppliers in the state! Since value versatility and uniqueness, our customers have a say in every aspect, whether minor or major, of their steel building. From technical aspects to design aspects, you will have full control of how your Alabama metal buildings are built and designed.

Our customization process starts with our steel gauge options. We offer 12 gauge and 14 gauge galvanized steel. Although both gauge options are phenomenal, they have their differences. 12 gauge galvanized steel is a larger framing option that offers an overwhelming amount of strength and durability. In other words, 12 gauge steel is crafted with larger steel buildings in mind. As for 14 gauge galvanized steel, it is a smaller framing option that still offers a considerable amount of resilience and durability, but for a cheaper price. Keeping that in mind, 14 gauge galvanized steel is the perfect framing option for average sized steel buildings in Alabama.

Other technical aspects to consider when creating your metal building are; roof style, size, overall design, and paneling. We offer regular, a-frame, and vertical roof styles to accommodate an array of building sizes. As for our general building designs, you will have the opportunity of choosing from our portfolio of carports, garages, storage sheds, RV covers, metal workshop buildings, and barns. If you don’t like an aspect of one of our example buildings, don’t worry. That’s why we offer our design customization options!

Two of the design aspects you will have the opportunity to customize are color and other additional elements. We offer 17 bold colors to choose from that go above and beyond simple white, gray, and black shades. This means your North Alabama metal buildings will truly match the design aesthetic of your home. You also have the opportunity to add any additional elements to your building, such as windows and insulation. These are great options if you want to use your structure as a functional space to do activities and accomplish any personal or work related goals.

Although Alabama weather can be unpredictable, the impact of Alabama weather on your vehicles and belongings doesn’t have to be. Instead of sitting in agony, pick up the phone and give us a call today! Our customer service representatives are eager to assist you in curating your ideal steel building.

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