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30×50 Metal Building

We Have a Building for You!

While most would consider us at Carport Factory Direct more likely to give you the downlow on a 10×10 carport rather than on creating a custom home office or metal shop, we actually have a very diverse repertoire of buildings available. You can work comfortably and affordably in a 30×50 metal building, or any size building, of your choice. It depends on what your needs as an individual are.

If your work area, whether for a mechanical job or even a more traditional work from your home office type job, you will find that you can convert a 30×50 metal building into something that can free you up a lot of space within your home. Having a 30×50 metal building allows you a refuge where you can truly work and get things done without having to designate a spot within your home. It’s frustrating to have to carve a small portion of your home to do you work. Contact us about a 30×50 metal building that can offer you this freedom.

We have many cost-effective options for you, including a 30×50 that you can convert into a place to work from home out of the flow of the rest of your household. Your metal building can be designed to house an office job, an entertainment center, a metal shop, or a common storage shed. A 30×50 metal building allows you the versatility and space that you need. We at Carport Factory Direct will help you design your metal building with customizations and decide on the size. 10×10 and 30×50 are some common sizes.

If you decided to go with an automotive or mechanical repair shop, you can get some extra space to do your work and store your products. If you choose a creative studio of some kind for your 30×50 metal building, we can help you to add storage and insulation so that your works of art stay beautiful and as you created them.

Contact our team today to start working toward customizing your 30×50 metal building into being what you dream of!

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