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Considering Building a Garage?

I’m considering building a garage on my property. I have several reasons for my consideration, most of which revolve around my desire for climate control for my vehicles. I like to prolong the life of my investments, and because I consider my vehicles to be some of my biggest investments, I’m prepared to make an investment in keeping them safe. However, there are certain things I need to think about as I prepare to take next steps in the garage building process. Here are some things I have yet to decide about my future 24×36 garage.


While I’m almost dead set on a 24×36 garage, as I know it’s the ideal space for two cars (which is the number of cars I own), sometimes I consider making it a bit bigger to accommodate extra storage. A neatly organized garage can contribute to the comfort of my family in more ways than one, but I’m unsure of the space my property allows, and I know that expanding my plans will increase the cost considerably. As you can see, deciding whether to build a 24×36 garage or on that’s bigger is a tough decision.


On top of size, I also must determine what type of 24×36 garage I want to build. On the one hand, I could have a garage built to match the existing home, which would be a great way to increase my property’s value and enjoy a beautiful property that carries a consistent aesthetic. However, this is the most expensive way to build a garage, and there are prefabricated options that can serve a similar purpose. In order to make my decision, I’ll consider whether I want added insulation, as is only possible in a stick-built garage, and whether I want to accommodate HVAC for excellent climate control.

The size and type of garage I end up building will affect my property for many years to come, and can even affect my property value. As I aim to make the best investment for my family, I’ll first consider size and what type of 24×36 garage I want to build. Making these two decisions will steer me in the right direction so I can seek help from the proper professionals in making final decisions.

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