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18 x 24 Carport

Uses of an 18 x 24 Carport

A carport is an alternative for attached garages.  It can either be enclosed with walls on the side or it can also have no walls at all. An 18 x 24 carport can accommodate two cars at once. If you have a huge RV or Camper, then an 18 x 24 carport would only fit one type of vehicle.

The good thing about a carport is that it’s relatively cheaper compared to constructing a conventional garage or even buying a prefab garage. The reason for this is that carports usually only have roofs and poles to support the entire structure. It doesn’t consume too much space, as well, especially if you buy the canopy type carport.

Another advantage of having an 18 x 24 carport is that it’s usually mobile and portable. If in case you need to relocate, you cannot bring an attached garage with you because that would totally ruin the entire residential structure. On the contrary, most carports are usually detached from any structure, so you don’t have to worry about ruining an existing building. That means you can bring your carport with you if you ever need to relocate.

Other Uses of an 18 x 24 Carport

Surprisingly, an 18 x 24 carport has alternative uses aside from protecting your vehicle from rain and snow. The alternative uses are as follows:

  1. As a canopy during small family gatherings

If your vehicles aren’t parked in the carport, then you can alternatively use it as a temporary canopy. You can have lunch outdoors under the shade of your carport. It would fit at least a large table enough for a family banquet.

  1. As animal shelter

An animal shelter doesn’t necessary mean having four walls and a roof. Sometimes, a carport can function as a temporary animal shelter. Just make sure to tie the leash of the animal on any of the poles so that it doesn’t wander around.

  1. As a greenhouse

With a little modification, you can turn your carport into a wonderful greenhouse. You can utilize it to shelter your plants and protect them from the scorching summer heat with this greenhouse carport.

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