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100 x 200 Steel Building

Ideas for a 100 x 200 Steel Building

Constructing a steel building is advantageous. Instead of renting out additional storage space in public storage facilities, you get to store your products and goods in your very own warehouse, with the right amount of security needed. However, the cost of steel structure is not light. In order to build a 100 x 200 steel building, you will need at least $100,000 dollars. That is quite a huge sum of money, but if you intend to use the space for commercial purposes, then that cost can be recovered quickly.

A 100 x 200 steel building can accommodate at least 5 regular delivery trucks, provided that there are no internal support columns obstructing the space. If you intend to build a Multi-span steel building, then you might have less available space compared to a clear span steel building. If you only need the building to store products and goods, then any of these two types of buildings is preferable. However, if you plan on storing huge container vans inside the building, then you might as well consider constructing a 100 x 200 steel building using the clear span type. This will maximize the space inside the building.

Possible Uses of a 100 x 200 Steel Building

Here are some of the possible uses of a 100 x 200 steel building:

  1. As a warehouse

Given the size of the structure, it can be a decent warehouse. You can store at least a year’s worth of slow moving goods inside this structure. If you store smaller things like automotive parts, then there would still be a vast space left inside the structure.

  1. As a workshop

If you are fond of tinkering and creating things, then a structure of this size is big enough to accommodate your needs. If you are a painter, then you can conveniently hang a couple of masterpieces inside the building without consuming too much space.

  1. As a garage

If the vertical clearance of your structure permits vehicle entry, then it can definitely be used as an alternative garage. In fact, this space is big enough to accommodate three cars.

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